Oct. 5, 2011

Summary of Doctoral Sector Discussion

SCLD Meeting

October 5, 2011

Present: Andrew White, Austin Booth, John Meador, Christina Pope, Rick Winant, Steve Weiter, Mark Smith, Mary Casserly (convener and note taker)

Elsevier- The University Center Directors have already talked with Kelli Gonzales and Niels Weertman to discuss the next Elsevier contract which ends on December 31, 2014. We conveyed the message that we cannot simply renew the current license; there have to be substantial changes in the areas of price and content and there will probably have to be different price and content models for each of the sectors or types of libraries in SUNY. They seemed to understand and to be willing to work with us to develop a plan that will provide the content we need at a fair price.

Action items:

  • Mary will talk to John Schumacher about getting the use statistics for the doctoral sector libraries.
  • Mary will also let Carey know that we are interested in coordinating our negotiations with CUNY and the State Library.

OCLC-We had a brief discussion OCLC’s billing which is now complicated by the fact that the University Centers cannot pay them any more money until they get on state contract. We also discussed the process of getting them on state contract. We would like that process to be more transparent. We discussed SkyRiver which Albany is considering but others are not at this time.

Post Aleph – We are interested in knowing more about how SUNY is going to have the conversation and make a decision about the next generation ILS.

Terms of Service– SUNY Financial Committee: Austin will serve a 3 year term and Christina will serve a 2 year term. SUNY Coordinating Committee: Mark will serve a 2 year term.

Action items:

  • Mary will convey this to the SCLD President.

NYSHEI– We began our conversation about SUNY membership in NYSHEI by asking the question: What do we want from NYSHEI as an organization?  Possible answers included public/private collaboration and ability to tap into economic development funds. However, at this point we don’t think that we need NYSHEI to promote the collaborations and it has not been able to, and probably won’t ever be able to, tap into economic development funds. We talked about our inability to clearly articulate the value of NYSHEI and can’t identify the need that it fills at this point in time. We are asking the Board to examine what they can do for us/the purpose they can serve. Another way of viewing this is: in this economic and political environment, what type of advocacy can they do for us?

Action items:

  • Austin will take these questions to the next NYSHEI Executive Board meeting.

LAND- We discussed the fact that we don’t seem to be up-to-speed on what is happing to LAND after June 30th and we don’t know how we are being represented or if we can be represented in the conversation between LAND and the 3Rs.

Action Items:

  • Stephen is going to request a an update on LAND from OLIS and the 3Rs.

Procurement- We agreed that in order to prepare for conversations with our campus procurement/purchasing departments we need to know exactly what the changes are to the procurement rules regarding databases.

Action Items:

  • Mary will ask Carey to put the changes in writing and/or provide the library directors with copies of the notifications that were sent to campus procurement offices.

SCLD Dues-  After discussing the information presented in the meeting by the Treasurer, we agreed that we would like a recommendation from the Executive Board about raising dues. This recommendation should be based on a determination of the amount that we need to keep in reserve and projections of annual expenditures.

Action Items:

  • Mary will convey this to the SCLD President.

Emerging Library Service Certificate Program – At Maureen Zajkowski’s request, we discussed the merits of OLIS developing and offering a certificate program. The sector members agree that OLIS should approach the library schools at Albany and Buffalo about creating such a program. We are unsure of the need for or value of such a program and do not see this as a priority for OLIS at this time.

Action Item:

  • Stephen is going to convey this to Maureen

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