April 19, 2012

Summary of Doctoral Sector Discussion

SCLD Meeting -April 19, 2012

Present: Andrew White, Austin Booth, John Meador, Cristina Pope, Rick Winant, Steve Weiter, Mark Smith, Elaine Wells, Mary Casserly (convener and note taker)

Consolidation of Services –John introduced the idea that each of the University Centers could be a hub that would provide services for other SUNY libraries. There are several examples of SUNY Libraries providing services such as cataloging, ILL and acquisitions for other SUNY Libraries. However, all have a compensation component and there was agreement that we would not have the capacity to provide services without some kind of compensation. We also discussed consolidation of efforts to archive or provide access to big data. While we were not in complete agreement that this is an appropriate role for research libraries, we did agree to explore this further.

Action items:

  • We will develop an inventory of services via e-mail. Mary will send out the message asking for input. The types of data that will be collected are: what we can do for other libraries; what we want from other libraries; and core research library services that we must retain.
  • We agreed to recommend to the SUNY Provost that he appoint a group to discuss Big Data that would include VPRs, CIOS and Library Deans and Directors. We would also like the SUNY Research Foundation to consider providing a grant to support a feasibility grant.

ScienceDirect – We briefly discussed the preliminary results of an analysis of the downloads from 2008-2011 which showed that use has been declining not increasing and that there are 316 titles that were downloaded 1-49 times during that period and 441 were downloaded fewer than 100 times. We agreed that further analysis is required before we continue negotiations on a new contract.

Action items:

  • Each of us will analyze our own statistics and identify the titles that we cannot live without, those that we do not need and those that it would be nice to have. Mary will send out a reminder to submit these by December 1st.
  • Each of us will have conversations with our administration and faculty about the upcoming expiration of this license (December 31, 2014). The purpose of these conversations will be to educate and create support for going forward with an agreement may not provide all campuses with access to all titles in the Freedom Plan.
  • Mary will ask John Schumacher to request use data by publication year from Elsevier so that we can get a better idea of whether we are downloading articles from current or retrospective volumes of the Freedom Plan titles. We are not sure they can/will provide this.

SUNY Reach – We talked about the challenges of trying to provide REACH researchers access to the resources they need without each library having to subscribe individually to each title. This amounts to developing new pricing models with some of the health sciences database vendors. Cristina reported on her joint (ESF, SU, VA) IMLS grant proposal to fund research focused on identifying new resource licensure modalities. One of the research avenues would be the development of a portal that would track SUNY Reach resource use as compared to aggregate use. Even if grant funding does not come through, she intends to build this portal.

Action items:

  • Cristina will report back to the Sector on her progress re: the portal
  • The Health Science Library Directors will create lists of journals and database that the REACH scientists want whether they currently have access to them or not. This will be done through SCAC.

Delivery Service – Following up on Jean Sheviak’s presentation on the Empire Library Delivery RFP, we agreed that we were willing to set up lock boxes and scan items if we have to in order to get a provider who is reliable and provides fast delivery.

Action item:

  • Mary will send an e-mail message to Jean confirming that we want a vendor that is fast and reliable and that we are willing to make accommodations to realize this goal.

ILLiad Fees – We would like to continue to have these fees included in the SUNYConnect Fee.

Action item:

  • Mary will report on this at the Business Meeting.

SUNY Content Databases – We endorse the recommendations of the Electronic Resources Team and thank the members for all their work.

Action item:

  • Mary will report on this at the Business Meeting.

Diversity Fellowship – We discussed the feasibility of setting up a program that would provide a fellow with experience working in several SUNY libraries. We did not reach any decision on this.

Traveling Art Exhibit – Cristina conveyed an idea for a traveling art exhibit that was brought to her by one of her staff members. Several of the Directors were interested.

Action item:

  • Cristina will pursue this idea with those who expressed an interest.

Next SCLD Meeting – We agreed that Andrew should pursue the idea of meeting in Manhattan.


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