Open SUNY Summit

Meeting notes and links


9:00: Welcome and introductions
9:15: Overview and deep dive into Open SUNY
10:25: Break
10:35: Q & A about Open SUNY
10:55: Overview and deep dive into Task Force Report
11:25: Success Stories and Sign Up for discussion groups
11:40: Working Lunch: Discussion and initial prioritization from Task Force Report
12:50: Report out on Prioritization
1:30: Group prioritization activity
2:20: Break
2:30: Wrap up and next steps

Documents used by participants:

Participant list

Open SUNY Summit Agenda

SCLD Open SUNY Taskforce Report Synthesis for Summit

Open SUNY Summit Wrap Up

Presentation slides:

20131205 Master Slides for Open SUNY Summit
Slides prepared by Jenica Rogers and Garrett Ulosevich.

20140106 Open SUNY overview – publish
“Gallery Walk” content, updated and provided by Garret Ulosevich

Results of Group Prioritization exercise:

Outcomes of Open SUNY Summit for Libraries


SCLD Open SUNY Task Force report
Creating Open SUNY
March 2013 press release

Final Version of SCLD Open SUNY Summit Priorities and Action Items:

SUNY Council of Library Directors Open SUNY Prioritization Final Jan 2014


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