Strategic Planning Documents

Draft strategic plan offered for comment – January 2011


Meeting Notes from Fall SCLD Strategic Planning Meeting September 29-30, 2010

Draft Notes from Facilitated Strategic Planning Session – Day 1

Doctoral Sector Discussion – Day 2

University Colleges Sector Discussion – Day 2

Community Colleges/Colleges of Technology Sector Discussion – Day 2

SUNY Strategic Planning 

  1. The Power of SUNY
  2. The Power of SUNY Key Concepts REQUIRED
  3. SUNY Library Access Workgroup report

SCLD/SAC Strategic Planning

  1. SUNY Council of Library Directors Vision and Mission REQUIRED
  2. The Power of Tuesday webinar series  &  Summary of Responses; detailed responses for Webinar 1; Webinar 2; Webinar 3Webinar 4;  and Webinar 5
  3. SUNYConnect’s Strategic Directions, 2006-2011.
  4. 2009 Update on Strategic Directions, 2006-2011.
  5. SUNYLA’s Input on Strategic Planning.
  6. Notes from the SUNY Library of the Future discussion at SCLD’s Fall 2008 meeting at SUNYIT.
  7. SCLD Executive Board’s Synopsis of Strategic Directions.
  8. Strategic planning Key Concepts from the breakout sessions of SCLD’s Community College and College of Technology sectors during the fall 2009 business meeting.

These were posted last summer and I’m adding the new ACRL Value document (thanks Brenda):

Thanks to Mary Donohue , Mary Casserly, and Angela Weiler we have a variety of documents to read as we write The Power of SUNY Libraries. Here are links:



Value of Academic Libraries: A Comprehensive Research Review and Report

Academic Library In 2.0World_Wawrzaszek_2008

Ensuring Integrity Accessibility Stewardship of Research Data_NAS_2009

(Free PDF summary at right)

Heart or Muscle_Library in the Digital Age_Shepard_2009

Horizon Report_Educause_2010

Intellectual Property Pol_ELearningWeb2.0_Diaz_2009 – Unavailable via open access

Library Web Site of the Future_Bell_2009

No Brief Candle_Reconceiving Reserach_CLIR_2008

On the Record_Future of Bibliographic Control_LOC_2008

Positioning Liaison Librarians_ARL_2009

Safeguarding Collections_Cont PreservationARL_2009

Strategy for Academic Libraries_Lewis_2007

Students and Technology_ECAR_2009

University Publishing In A Digital Age, July 26, 2007

University’s Role in Dissemination of Research_ARL_2009

Wireless Internet Use_Pew_2009

Strategic Planning/University-Wide Strategic Plans
ACRL: Strategic Planning in Academic Libraries: A Political Perspective”  by Douglas G. Birdsall 

Academic Libraries of Indiana – Strategic Plan [draft]:

1. Increase access to electronic databases and content through collaboration …

2. Enhance quality of, access to, and curation of tangible collections …

3. Provide effective instructional support for students in partnership with faculty

4. Support professional development and educational opportunities for librarians

5. Proactively engage within our institutions, with governmental organizations, with statewide library agencies, and with schools of library and information science …

Pennsylvania State University Libraries: “…five areas of strategic focus: services, collections, information technology, diversity, and agility. “


  • Diversifying SUNY Collections Guidelines rev. by SAC for SCLD
  • NYSHEI Summit – Main Ideas – Public Policy and Advocacy Summit
  • SCLD Component Discussions_Fall 2009
  • SUNY Strategic Plan
  • SUNY Strategic  Plan_library access workgroup-final report
  • SUNY presidents report on libraries 1994_SUNY

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