Metadata Practices Survey–Deadline for Response May 12

May 2, 2017

Please complete the survey regarding local campus cataloging practices.  A group response from any interested parties in the library is encouraged, even if cataloging is not their main responsibility.  This is to make sure that everyone who might be familiar with at least some aspects of current cataloging workflow at each campus can share their knowledge.  Most questions have an answer option of “Don’t Know” because respondents may not be familiar with practices related to specific questions.

In preparation for the upcoming migration to a LMS (Library Management System) the SLC (SUNY Libraries Consortium) created the SUNY Metadata, Standards and Policies Committee.  We are tasked with working towards the cataloging policies that SUNY will need in the new shared-bibliographic record environment of any new LMS.

This an updated version of the survey from 2013 when the Shared Cataloging and Authorities Task Force worked with the OLIS to document standards to be followed for workflow within a shared cataloging and authorities environment based on one record for each bibliographic entity.

SLC LSP Webinar Rescheduled for 5/10/17

May 2, 2017

Per Shannon:  “The SLC LSP Webinar has been rescheduled for May 10th from 3:00-4:00.  We’ll have the web meeting information soon, and I’ll send that out to the group in a separate message, but wanted to get a message out about the day/time.  We’ll record the session, and it will be available for viewing afterward if you can’t make it.  It is my understanding this is open to all library employees.”

Details to follow.