Doctoral Sector Discussion- Fall 2010 Meeting

SCLD Strategic Planning
We discussed possible objectives and action steps pertaining to the “plans” that grew out of the facilitated meeting:

1. Create one unified vision/voice for SUNY libraries that takes advantage of our strengths

Objective: Revise the SCLD governance structure. This would include redefining the relationship among SCLD, SAC and SUNYLA.

Action Step: Appoint a Blue Ribbon Panel that would include past presidents of SCLD and chairs of SAC to make recommendations about a new structure. This panel should also include some newer SUNY library directors who could offer
fresh perspectives on governance.

Objective: Encourage affinity-based groups of libraries that would work on projects of mutual interest.

Action Step: Provide time for these groups to meet during SCLD meetings. Perhaps on the second day of the meeting. Instead of sector meetings?

2. Develop and Implement SUNY Library initiatives that benefit multiple campuses…

Objective: Emphasize that these initiatives could be based on interest, programs, sectors, geography, etc. Encourage thinking broadly about the ways in which the SUNY Libraries can develop partnerships and working groups.

Objective: Include oversight of and support for these groups in the new governance structure.

3. Develop inspirational leaders….

Note: Add “and nurture” after “Develop”

Objective: Set up a group to bring appropriate leadership opportunities to SUNY librarians at all levels. These opportunities should also be available to librarians outside SUNY.

Objective: Create opportunities for SUNY library directors to exchange strategies for coping with HR issues, government relations, University counsel, etc.

4. Leverage distributed talents to lead and share innovations

Note: We did not discuss this separately as it seems to be included in #2.

5. Capitalize on both traditional non-traditional partnerships

Note: We did not discuss this separately as it seems to be included in #2.

Community of Science/Thomson/Reuters “indicators”/SciVAL – Andrew and Austin will ask their VP for Research about reports that one or more of these have been purchased at the SUNY level. They will also talk to them about the requirement that PIs include their plans for archiving their data in their NSF grant proposals.

SUNY REACH – Andrew gave an overview of this project which is a partnership among the health science centers and SUNY Optometry to conduct collaborative research projects in 5-6 areas. It has been endorsed by the SUNY Provost. Researchers working these projects want access to the information resources on other campuses. One solution is to give faculty participating in these projects joint appointments. A library content fee might be another.

Weeding/last copy/storage – this would be an example of an affinity group. Do we want to take this to the SUNY Executive Board to establish such a group? This effort could begin with an inventory of storage space at all SUNY libraries or at libraries within a defined geographic area.


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