Colleges of Arts & Sciences Discussion

SCLD Colleges of Arts & Sciences Sector meeting

— 3 year plan – make it short and get it done

— problem statement, challenge statement, vision for 3 years of what libraries are and will face

1) create single vision/voice

— base content of vision on goals articulated in numbers 2-5

— re-conceive SCLD and SAC into one new and unified leadership voice that plans and works in support of SUNY libraries, including new membership on the governing board not based on sector representation but instead leadership skills and topical interests

— create task forces to implement the goals of the plan, as well as semi-independent committees that can benefit from unified guidance — collection development, information literacy, marketing, advocacy?

— provide guidance for and consolidate like activities and groups to foster stronger collaborations and efficiency

— make a space for subcommittees to participate in governance and reporting gatherings

— empower the leadership group to make decisions in timely ways that allow for nimble decision making and implementation

— compose leadership groups that must meet quarterly, while task forces meet monthly

2) develop initiatives that support multiple campuses

— main focuses: cataloging, collection development, bibliographic management, digital collections, digital scholarship

— each broken into significant, keenly defined individual projects with clear charges and timelines, including:

— SUNY scholarship and digital collections

— address ebooks — work with vendors to build SUNY-wide collections, and build the bibliographic infrastructure to support them

— plan for use and disposition of bibliographic holdings while considering ILS and discovery needs. single catalog as part of central infrastructure?

— move towards a single bibliographic database for SUNY, based on a SUNY model for shared cataloging services, including financial models and system-wide sustainability

— prepare for system-wide migration to next-generation ILS based on results of above plans and issues

— decrease duplication and increase breadth of both services and collections

— create a new Collections committee that unifies existing initiatives — C4D, university sector collections committee, SUNYOne, subject-based interest groups, etc — and continues those successes under a unified charge

— use successful cross-sector projects as models for creation of new projects

— continue to support and advocate for single sign-on across SUNY libraries

3) inspirational leaders

— assign a task force to consider ways to build leadership talent within SUNY:  use SCLD treasury to support or sponsor librarians to attend leadership symposia, workshops, etc, develop a leadership program within SUNY to support middle managers in libraries, in coordination with CPD’s new certificate programs, SCLD sponsorship of speakers and workshop track at SUNYLA conference

— develop a program to pair new SUNY library directors with experienced mentors

4) leverage distributed talents for innovation

— if we fix issue 1 in re: leadership, then new ideas needing distributed talent will have a clear path and resources for success

— envision ways OLIS might change in coordinating and supporting SCLD’s centralized and distributed initiatives as we make changes to bibliographic control that change the OLIS workload

— consider the role of the OLIS in supporting the initiatives produced by planning and action discussions of the SCLD/SAC leadership

5) capitalize on partnerships

— immediately begin SUNY student council outreach, and maintain regular communications

— create communication, marketing and advocacy best-practices materials that are centralized and shareable, related specifically to the value of libraries

— address vertical communication issues between governing boards and libraries and librarians, and parallel organizations like SUNYLA.

— consider the roles of and potentials of outside groups like NYLA, NYSHEI, 3Rs, etc. (with our one voice), as well as internally to CIO and CAO group.


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