“Tuesdays with Maureen” Webinars Set for June

Okay, these webinars are actually entitled The Power of Tuesday.  The alternative title is simply a tongue-in-cheek reference to the ever-popular Tuesdays with Morrie and an homage to SUNYConnect Project Manager Maureen Zajkowski. :-)

The hour-long Power of Tuesday webinars, to be delivered via Elluminate at 10 a.m. every Tuesday in June, will explore the future directions of SUNY libraries as we plan our system-wide strategic directions for the next five years.

The topics (and facilitators) for the five webinars are:

June 1: Creating New SUNY Collaborative Collection Models (Cerise Oberman)
June 8: E-Resources: Beyond SUNYConnect (Randy Gadikian)
June 15: The Future of the Academic Librarian (Colleen Lougen & Logan Rath)
June 22: SUNY Libraries as Community Partners (Maureen Zajkowski)
June 29: Capitalizing on Expertise Across SUNY: Cataloging & Digital Initiatives (John Meador)

Please encourage your staff to attend! For more information visit the SUNYLA Web site.

Jon Grennan, SCLD Webmaster


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